Build a Consistent Reading Habit by Investing 10 Minutes Every Day

Social media addiction is one of the main problems that many people face. Here, I'm discussing how to reduce this addiction by maintaining a consistent reading habit through FeedZap.

Build a Consistent Reading Habit by Investing 10 Minutes Every Day

Imagine you have the top personalities as your mentors: Bill Gates for mentoring and helping you in business; Warren Buffet for teaching you and giving ideas for investing; and Dalai Lama for helping you live a peaceful and happy life.
You will become the richest and happiest person in the world. But is it possible? Yes, through reading.

Reading is one of the most difficult skills to maintain consistency. Maybe you also stopped reading a book in half due to various distractions.
According to the following statistics, the average number of readers is decreasing in the US year by year.
So what are the reasons behind people stepping back from reading?

Why do we Stop Reading?

The most important reason is the introduction of social media. Social media eats up the time people dedicate to reading books.
Users are used to skimming through streams of short, attention-spanning content. The shorter attention span leads to the inability to do longer tasks, like reading a lengthy book.

Some other reasons are:

  • procrastination
  • a lack of self-discipline
  • availability of space and time

Everybody has a desire to improve their capabilities and skills by reading and applying a lot of books.

Procrastination is a major obstacle to building any skill. Aligning our mindsets to defeat procrastination is one of the most painful tasks.
Procrastination for reading can also happen due to various other distractions, such as social media, doom scrolling, etc.
One of the other main reasons people will say to stop reading is the availability of time and space.

Between work, family, and different chores, most people find time to allocate for reading. Also, reading a lengthy book will take months to complete.
But it doesn't mean building a reading habit is a non-solvable problem.
If we follow a systematic method and have a proper mindset, anybody can achieve any skill, including consistent reading.
If you follow the solution that I'm going to suggest here for 10 minutes every day, you can read at least 10 books in 60 hours.

Reading 2x Books this Year

To address the reading problem and create a consistent reading habit in our internal team, we built a tool called FeedZap.
FeedZap is a free software tool that helps to build a reading habit with less effort and time.
FeedZap has so many features that help you maintain consistency in reading and transform your readings into learning.
Let's see how the different features in FeedZap help you build a consistent reading habit by investing 10 minutes daily.

Replace Distractions into Learning

In the days before social media, people used their free time to read a lot of books. Getting that habit back is very difficult in this era.
Group 31
The stream of content through the feed is the most addictive feature on any social media. So what if we can replace the addictive social media feed with an informative, healthy feed? That's what FeedZap is doing.
FeedZap Chrome extension will replace your social media feeds, such as Reddit, LinkedIn, and Twitter, with more informative, healthy feeds from your favorite books.
Rectangle 7

Informative, Healthy snackable feed

FeedZap converts your large books into byte-sized chunks so that you can easily scan each book in the healthy feed.

Group 9

FeedZap supports mixed feed, where the content of all the books is mixed together, or individual feed, where you can skim a single book.

Group 30

Set a Goal and Track Your Reading Progress

Setting mini-goals daily helps to motivate and maintain consistency in reading.
In FeedZap, you can view the percentage of your reading progress for every book you load.
You can set a goal of 15% progress every day so that, within one week, you can at least finish a 100-page book.

Rectangle 5

Read at Anytime, Anywhere

As we saw earlier, most people's main reason for inconsistent reading is time and space constraints.
FeedZapā€™s chunked feed will reduce confusion about what to read. So that you can focus on reading and applying instead of thinking about what to read.

FeedZap is available on your laptop, desktop, and mobile devices. If you are standing in a queue or waiting for a train, you can still access FeedZap from your Android or iOS devices.
Instead of carrying a large book or Kindle, it is still possible to maintain reading consistency during busy schedules.


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How to Save Favorite Points for the Future

FeedZap has an automatic text-highlighting feature so that you can grasp the core idea in each paragraph faster. Also, if you want to bookmark a paragraph for future use, you can use the star paragraph feature.

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Building Your Personal Library with Any Type of Book

FeedZap supports uploading your favorite books in PDF, MOBI, or ePUB formats.
Irrespective of text quality or page design, FeedZap will parse them and make them perfect for your healthy feed.

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Share your Favorite Quotes with Friends

Found an interesting paragraph or quote from the FeedZap feed? there is no need to take a screenshot.
Click the share icon and create a shareable card for family and friends.

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Access FeedZap for FREE

FeedZap provides a lot of features for maintaining a consistent reading habit. And it will address all the major problems we discussed in the beginning.

FeedZap has not yet been released officially, but you can still access the beta version using this link:, or download it from the Play Store or App Store and sign up to create your snackable, healthy feed.

Also, we are going to launch FeedZap on the product hunt next month. Here is the teaser link. Try FeedZap and support us to provide a better experience for readers worldwide.

FeedZap: Read 2X Books This Year

FeedZap helps you consume your books through a healthy, snackable feed, so that you can read more with less time, effort and energy.